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What's in the box?12 tacos: •3 fish•3 tinga•3 carnitas•3 barbacoaGuacamole + Chips
Serves 2-3 pe...
Battered fried fish strips Baja California Norte style
Yields: 10 tacos 
(Serves 2 adults)
Slowly roasted beef loin in guajillo sauce and a special selection of Mexican fine herbs
Yields: ...
Pulled chicken breast in a chipotle tomato sauce 
Yields: 10 tacos 

(Serves 2 adults)
Includes: ...
Sauteed green beans with caramelized onion, tomato and a touch of our secret blend of Mexican spi...
Our reinterpretation of the most famous tacos in the streets of Mexico City 
Yields: 10 Tacos 

Braised pork shoulder 
Yields: 10 Tacos 

(Serves 2 adults)
Includes: 10 taquera sized tortillas ...

What's in the box?12 tacos • 4 mushrooms• 4 nopalito• 4 cauliflowerGuacamole + Chips

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